We are the leader in natural cleansing and personal care products. Our products are premium quality, safe, non-toxic, carcinogen-free, and metal-free – no arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, selenium, or nickel. Multigreen are the only products derived directly from nature, not just biodegradable. Our products neutralize odor, treat waste water, and help save on water bill. Multigreen products are naturally concentrated; therefore, they are energy-saving and won't cause global warming.

The conservation of the environment – especially the land and its impact on water - has always been at the core of our purpose and mission. As water is our lifeline, we hope to see clean and clear water for the generations to come. Our products have been inspired by more than 10 years of research and development in the areas of natural fruits. The ingredients used in formulating our products go through the ripening process of more than 2 years.

The increasing number of the population in the future coupled with the increasing use of chemicals around the world will intensify the contamination of water and the imbalance in nature, leading to global warming.

Company Mission Statements
  • To utilize natural resources in ways that ensure their availability for future generations
  • To produce green products for people with chemical sensitivities
  • To enhance the quality of life of Thai people
  • To provide a healthy and safe alternative of locally-made green products for Thai people
  • To promote community supported agriculture and organic farming
  • To ensure that the balance of nature is maintained
  • To help energy save
  • To promote and preserve Buddhism
  • To answer to the Water Conservation Projects initiated by His Majesty the King and
     the Chao Phraya River Conservation Project initiated by Her Majesty the Queen
  • To help promote Thai products by exporting our products to other countries


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